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Choice of the shows :


 Companies which want to propose a show will send a file introducing it (press copy, DVD or any other support).

As far as possible, we prefer meeting the companies and seeing the shows beforehand.

Our programs favour creations, modern author writings and entertainments for children.

The shows gathering different artistic forms music, dance, puppets, videos will also be carefully studied.

Atelier 44 will be glad to welcome foreign companies.





Rental fees:

3000 to 4400 (tax included) depending on schedule

contact us for further informations

The fees will be paid by three cheques. The first one will be cashed on the day of the signing of the contract, the second one on April 30th , the third one on June 15th. All three will be given on the day of the contract and then will be cashed as agreed.


To propose shows or for additional information:

00 33(0) or 00.33.(0)